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Packages & Pricing

At Open Door Thinking I offer Personal Performance Coaching & DISC profiling.

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I work with you usually either by phone or Skype but face to face sessions may be possible, depending on distance. We will start with a free half an hour chat to decide whether coaching is for you and for you to ask any questions.

Sessions must be paid for in advance.

Individual sessions cost £79 and usually last an hour.

A block of 6 sessions cost £450 and may be booked and taken at your convenience.

A block of 12 sessions cost £854 and may be booked and taken at your convenience.


Would you like to see how the world sees you? Wouldn’t it be useful to feel like you can communicate with everyone effectively? How fantastic would it be to be listened to as you get your point across?

This wonderful tool will help you to identify your communication style, strengths and areas to improve on. It will enhance your understanding of how other people relate to you and how you relate to them. It is fantastic for use within teams who need to work together harmoniously to improve results or as an individual to make a greater impact at work. It even helps couples communicate more effectively and avoid misunderstandings.

I provide you with a link to an online assessment, which then returns you an 18 page analysis. A follow up coaching session with me is included to discuss the results and identify any actions going forward.

Individual DISC assessment and coaching session costs £99.

2 DISC assessments and individual coaching sessions for each person costs £175.

Prices for larger groups, available on request.

Why I’d love to be your coach

-to empower you to become all that you know you can be-

So many of us unwittingly follow paths in life that are set out by others – parents, teachers, circumstances – many of them very well-meaning, but sometimes we wake up and wonder how we got where we are and whether we even want to be there. Most importantly, we ask where we want to go next. Or else we get so sick and tired of always feeling a certain way; not good enough, lacking in confidence, frightened of change. It’s such a waste of the wonderful person you were born to be.

Life is so exciting and so full of opportunities. We can be who we want to be and do what we want to do (yes, even if you are in a job you absolutely hate). I have seen the transformation that coaching can bring – I’m living it and I want it for you! I’d love to give you the key so you can unlock those doors for yourself and create yourself as you want to be.