I am a Flip Flop


o I haven’t blogged since last June (didn’t realise it was so long) and I haven’t really got a concrete reason for you. Sure there was a Summer holiday, an unfortunate tragic event and Christmas, but as other people manage to carry on in the face of such things, I can only label them as “excuses” for my not blogging. But I do know why I haven’t.

I am a Flip Flop.

Let me explain what I mean.

I love new ideas. If I am doing something one way and I find out another way of doing it, I immediately think it might be better and switch! If I start a project with enormous enthusiasm, it’s unlikely that I will finish it in the same way – possibly at all! I read self development books like they are going out of fashion but I rarely actually do the activities they tell me to!

Are you getting the picture?

For years I have beaten myself up about this, with the help of some negative support! I have no follow through. I never finish anything. I am indecisive. I am flakey. I am unreliable.

I described my behaviour as “flip flopping about”.

And then I had a bit of a lightbulb moment. Is being a Flip Flop such a bad thing?

I am an ideas person. I love to come up with plans and new ways of doing things. That’s a good thing, right? You need ideas people in teams otherwise nothing new would happen? I love to research and find out things – which I then like to pass on to others. Again, that’s a good thing! If something isn’t working for me, I have no problem in ditching it because I’m probably bored with it anyway! Again, what is wrong with that?

So I have decided to accept my inner Flip Flop this year and to spend 2019 seeking out fellow Flip Flops so that we can show ourselves some love for what we are instead of beating ourselves up about it. Yes, we have to develop strategies for when we need to finish things, but that’s all part of the fun!

So who’s with me? Do you think you may be a Flip Flop and want to learn to love yourself for it whilst learning new ways of channelling it? Of course you do!

This year, we’re going to treat ourselves like Leboutins. We are red soled Flip Flops! And come the hot weather, everyone turns to Flip Flops !

I really wish I had invented the flip-flop. I love flip-flops. It’s the one style of shoe I would be so proud of inventing – Christian Louboutin

If you would like my free (slightly) tongue in cheek guide: “The Flip Flops Guide to Feeling Like a Leboutin!” then click here and join me on my journey! x

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