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How I coach

As each key is unique, so are you and your journey.

In coaching, one size most definitely does not fit all!  Although there are some common elements to how sessions run, how many of them people have and how frequently, nothing is set in stone. If you are very clear on your goal and direction, I may be there as a sounding board to check in with each week to say you’ve taken that step and identify a new one – then a session may be half an hour. But if you are unclear about your goal, or need to unpick some beliefs that are holding you back or just want more time for you to reflect, then sessions may take an hour.

Because we are all human and life is very busy, coaching is usually more effective if sessions are held reasonably close together – weekly or fortnightly – which gives you the opportunity to set small, focussed goals and achieve them quickly. This builds momentum, and improves confidence and motivation. Although I recommend a block of six sessions to begin with, because change takes time, you can choose the pace and book more or fewer sessions. It’s entirely your call.

At the very start of our coaching relationship, I will find out from you how much you want me to challenge you, through questioning, in order to move you forward, whether you like, loathe or need silences and pauses and whether there are any areas of your life you do not want to discuss. You are absolutely in control and I will follow your lead and seek your permission whenever necessary. This is your time, you’re in charge.

Each session is entirely devoted to you! How great does that sound? One hour to think about no one else but you and your journey!

You will end the session feeling motivated, energised and more confident that you can do this-because you can!

Coaching is about setting goals to move forward and learning during the process. Decide on a goal, write it down. Take steps to achieving it. That’s the basic process. Your goal can be about anything, but you can’t get to your destination if you don’t know where you are trying to go.

Coaching is not counselling or mentoring, so the past is not typically part of the discussion and I will not give advice.  I am here to listen, reflect and question you so that you can identify where you are going and why. It’s all about what opens the door for you.

“Life isn’t about finding yourself, it is about creating yourself”
– George Bernard Shaw.

Why I’d love to be your coach

-to empower you to become all that you know you can be-

So many of us unwittingly follow paths in life that are set out by others – parents, teachers, circumstances – many of them very well-meaning, but sometimes we wake up and wonder how we got where we are and whether we even want to be there. Most importantly, we ask where we want to go next. Or else we get so sick and tired of always feeling a certain way; not good enough, lacking in confidence, frightened of change. It’s such a waste of the wonderful person you were born to be.

Life is so exciting and so full of opportunities. We can be who we want to be and do what we want to do (yes, even if you are in a job you absolutely hate). I have seen the transformation that coaching can bring – I’m living it and I want it for you! I’d love to give you the key so you can unlock those doors for yourself and create yourself as you want to be.