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Personal Success & Life Coach

Julia Williams – Opening doors

Life is very good at throwing us curve balls when we least expect it. I’ve been hit in the face by several of them: depression, bereavement, divorce, weight issues, career issues – pretty much the same as many of you. We can’t always dodge what life throws at us but it is how we choose to react in the face of those issues that matters. In fact, even the path our lives take is entirely a matter of choice. We can choose to become more confident, successful, loved.

In 2013, I decided I needed a new approach to running my life. I was in a career rut and recovering from a virus that had knocked me flat for several weeks so that I only had the energy to lay in bed and reflect on my life. Some of it wasn’t comfortable. I’d read self-help books, tried counselling and hypnotherapy. All were great but they didn’t resonate with me. So I tried visiting a life coach. I’ve never looked back.

In fact, I have become so evangelical about Coaching that I am now one myself.

If you are drifting or running from one thing to another with no idea how you are going to get through today let alone tomorrow, next week, next month or next year, then you need a life coach.

I want to empower you to take charge of your life and choose your reactions, direction and mindset for the future.

You have all the answers inside of you, but what you need is someone who will guide you, question you and help you to find your own solutions, roadblocks and beliefs that will propel you to a great future.

“I have found my sessions with Julia to be very useful . Our sessions gave me inspiration to challenge myself and also helped me to look at look at achieving my goals using avenues I’d not considered previously. Our weekly sessions helped to keep me focused on achieving my goal. Julia is a great motivator and I have very much enjoyed working with her.”
“I began working with Julia as I was forming a plan to change career path via postgraduate study.
In each session with Julia, I found her to be positive and logical. She helped me to clarify my goals and break down what I wanted to achieve into manageable tasks, especially the university application process which I initially found very daunting. Julia was also excellent at getting me to assess what was realistic in my current circumstances, and what obstacles could get in my way. All of this has been helpful in getting me to take some unrealistic pressure off myself.
I looked forward to sharing my progress with Julia, and a few setbacks too. She helped me to deal with all of it with more equanimity than usual by providing a safe and challenging space to explore my responses. I am now awaiting reply from the university I applied to, and am well on the way to a re-organised working life.”
“Julia prompted some really useful thought processes for me. She asks really intuitive questions and works hard to understands the world you inhabit, this gives rise to answers you might not usually come up with on your own.”
“The coaching with Julia has really helped me to think about and focus upon the things that are really important. Her coaching enabled me to think through plans rationally and systematically and produce a solid strategy.”
Andrew B
“I found Julia very reassuring and easy to talk to. Although it was me doing the work in between sessions, I still felt I had her support. It was affirming wo be able to share my achievements with her over each session.”

What do you want your ideal self, your ideal life to be like?
It’s all within your grasp.